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Certified G and a bona fide stud.

Also Bayley, Devitt, and a couple of Divas.

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Oh my god, as if I didn’t have enough of a reason to love Enzo even more. What a guy.

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booty had me like

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“hey whats your zodiac sign”


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My anaconda will consider it

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if you have someone in your life who genuinely cares about how your day went, and listens fully to the fucked up shit that goes on in your mind, and answers your texts or calls you back, and lets you know you’re important to them and/or generally makes you feel cared for, you’re really fucking lucky and i hope you tell this person you appreciate them and i hope if they treat you right and make you feel safe and loved, you hold onto them really tight.

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@realpaigewwe Ewwww selfie. 😣🐸😉

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meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

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A little worried about someone special to me right now.

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guys, you know what this means??

google drive

People like you should be arrested